Dempinox Aqua 20L basic colors


Dempinox Aqua is a universal  premium coating based on a polymeric and composite which provides excellent, waterproofing, chemical and abrasive firmness.

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Dempinox Aqua is the best decorative waterproofing.

Dempinox Aqua is the first of its kind decorative penetrative waterproofing called not only to protect surface against water penetration, but also to give this surface a noble look including all Dempinox color palette.

create swimming pool by your self with dempinox aqua

Penetrative waterproofing: it is known that concrete constructions are water-permeable and susceptible to run-out and cracking. Polymer and composite coating Dempinox penetrates into all pores and cracks and fills them, turning a concrete construction into monolithic surface, capable to resist water.

Injection waterproofing: Dempinox is successfully used by many companies as a component for injection waterproofing. Removing capillary leak of water in the construction of porous materials (concrete, sand-lime brick, limestone, etc.) with injection into the body of construction by the pressure, we get the the complete absence of water seepage through the inhomogeneous structure of processed materials.

dempinox aqua best solution for your pool

Decorative coating for pools: Finishing of the concrete pool is one of pleasant and interesting parts in building. The decorative coating based on the polymeric composite material Dempinox has no equal in simplicity of applying, waterproofing properties and durability. Application is made with a brush or roller as well as with air or airless spray gun.

roof cover

Waterproofing of roofs: The polymeric and composite coating Dempinox serves to solve the main problem of roofing coverings – existence of seams, adjunctions and connections. As practice shows, with these problems Dempinox regularly copes being one of leading coatings in Europe. Moreover chemical and thermal firmness of the material ensures high durability and strength in any weather conditions. Applying the composite on a surface of a roof reminds a process of painting with a spray, as a result it forms a strong monolithic film, tightly fitting your roof. The formed film can extend for 500% before breaking. The composite material Dempinox applied on a surface dries in several hours that makes process of work extremely qualitative and mobile.


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Dempinox Aqua 20L basic colors

Dempinox Aqua 20L basic colors

Dempinox Aqua is a universal  premium coating based on a polymeric and composite which provides excellent, waterproofing, chemical and abrasive firmness.

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