Dempinox Electra is a revolutionary device for repairing and protection of your electricity mains.

Throw away insulating tapes, thermotubes and other unnecessary insulation. One jar of Dempinox Electra will replace them.

Easiness in using: dip bare wires into Dempinox Electra and let them dry.

Revolutionary formula! Does not require a surface pretreatment, 100% limiting of oxygen entrance. The result is a surface which has the corrosion stability and provides a long term of wire protection from oxidation.

You have a choice: to use all the time usual insulation, or once coat a protective surface with Dempinox and get well-tried protection for many years of exploitation.

Easier, quicker and more reliable to work with Dempinox materials.

  1. 100% protection against water and moisture
  2. insulating properties 1500V
  3. maximum adhesion on various surfaces
  4. maximum protection against corrosion on metal
  5. dries quickly
  6. gives a strong, durable coating